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      WILD original is a women's fashion accessory boutique run by a wife and husband team. We are based in Denver, Colorado, where we meticulously curate our products from jewelers and artists around the world.

      Our brand was originally created as a passion project for me, as I am often searching the internet for the latest styles of fashion accessories. I realized that I only really loved to buy from a handful of shops, and I wished there were more sites dedicated to offering an ever revolving line of new and unique styles that I loved. My husband has experience working with online stores, so he helped build this website as an outlet for my passion. Although we are a fairly new company, we are dedicated to providing the best products and service to our customers. 

      We source our inventory from several jewelry designers within the US, Europe, and Asia. In order to keep our inventory affordable, fresh, and up to date with the latest styles we have a centralized fulfillment center in Asia that all of our products ship from. So, please allow for up to 1-3 weeks for shipping and on rare occasions up to 4-6 weeks if the order is international. 

      Please note that items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day, and occasionally items may be temporarily out-of-stock or backordered. Rest assured, any shipping delays will be communicated. Should any other unforeseen delay occur, you will be notified.

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